I do my best to share high quality products and services that I personally use, love and support. So I’ve created this page as a helpful way to access my most recommended resources. If you purchase items through the links on this page, at no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission as a thank you from the vendor for sharing their product. This is used to help keep Essentials of Self Care running. I sincerely appreciate your support by shopping through affiliate links on this site! Affiliate disclosure here.

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Superfoods & SupplementsSuperfoods & Supplements

I order my vitamins, herbal supplements, and superfoods from Vitacost, Click here or Amazon, Click here. Vitacost offers all the trusted top quality brands as well as their own label for the best prices and shipping. They also offer various discounts, promos, and sales on a regular basis.

Bulk Herbs & SpicesBulk Herbs & Spices

I order my bulk herbs and spices from Amazon or Vitacost when making my own blends or to steep as teas. They also offer a great selection of loose leaf teas. They offer certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild harvested and Kosher certified botanical products at reasonable prices. Click here.

Cooking & Baking StaplesCooking & Baking Essentials

For convenient, time saving and hassle free shopping I get most cooking and baking essentials online including things like gluten free grains and flours, raw cacao, natural sweeteners, nuts and nut butters, seeds, oils, vinegars, condiments, and spices. I also get teas, healthy snack foods and treats. Click here or Here.

Natural DIY IngredientsNatural DIY Ingredients

I order most of my DIY supplies from Amazon and Vitacost. Coconut oil is a common ingredient in my DIY recipes. Vitacost has the best price per ounce. Soap nuts can be ordered from all three places but I have found Amazon to be the best price per ounce, plus they come in a reusable cotton bag.

Natural Beauty Oral CareNatural Beauty & Oral Care

If making your own products isn’t your thing, no worries! There are plenty of high-quality products with clean ingredients available these days, including natural non-toxic shampoos, conditioners, facial care, body care, toothpastes, deodorants, feminine products, and sunscreens, for the whole family. Click here or Here.

Natural HomeNatural Home

I shop online for my non-toxic cleaners, natural sponges, eco-friendly food storage options, unbleached and chlorine free baking / kitchen supplies like coffee filters, parchment paper etc., air fresheners, shower filters, laundry detergents (I use soap nuts – you can read above on DIY Ingredients) and paper products. Click here or Here.

Blenders Essential KitchenToolsBlenders & Essential Kitchen Tools

Smoothies and nutritious meals are part of everyday living for me. Because I spend so much time in the kitchen, tools that simplify the process and make it as efficient and enjoyable as possible are essential. I have some favorite tools I use all the time. Click here.

Kefir WaterKefir Water

Kefir water is a refreshing and tasty way to get beneficial probiotics, enzymes, and B vitamins daily. I order my grains (cultures) and kefir making supplies on Amazon along with kombucha brewing kits and supplies. Click here.

Clean Air For Home

The consistent use of himalayan salt lamps and a true HEPA filter have seriously improved the air quality in our home. I highly recommend these items for those with allergies, asthma, pets, smokers, and mold issues. Click here.

Squatty PottySquatty Potty

The squatty potty has never left our bathroom since it arrived. It may seem like a funny concept but everyone needs one of these (review here). Proper toilet posture is the solution when it comes to doing your business. We love ours and never do the deed without it. Click here.

Yoga & FitnessYoga & Fitness

I love Hala Khouri’s Yoga for Stress Reduction (review here), Maya Fienne’s Kundalini Yoga (review here), 10-Minute Trainer with Tony Horton (review here), and Jillian Michaels’ workouts. They all motivate me and keep me engaged to stay fit. Click here.

Creation Space Meditation KitMeditation, Brain Entrainment & Sound Therapy

Stress less, sleep better, heal your mind, body and spirit with The Creation Space Meditation Kit. Click here. Retrain your brain on a subconscious level with brainwave entrainment (review here). Use sound therapy to reduce anxiety, depression, and physical ailments (see here).

Recommended ReadingRecommended Reading

Hay House offers a variety of books, online courses, audios, videos, apps, and events on topics surrounding inspiration, healing, guidance, happiness, and health. They also have kids books, cards, and gifts. Hay House Radio allows you to listen to some of the worlds greatest teachers in spirituality, health, and wellness. Click here.

Nutrition & CookbooksNutrition & Cookbooks

Both Hay House and Amazon offer cookbooks and books on nutrition but Amazon offers a bigger selection when it comes to these types of books. For cookbooks, Click here. For nutrition books, Click here.

Thyroid & Adrenal Health ProgramThyroid & Adrenal Health Program

The essential guide to adrenal and thyroid health by a woman who healed her own thyroid disease in lieu of doctor recommended radiation. The resources and delicious, easy to prepare recipes in this program empower anyone who is looking to learn easy ways to implement whole foods in their diet and gain control of stress levels to live a healthy and vibrant life. Click here.

Real PlansCustom Meal Plans

Real Plans offers healthy and delicious custom meal plans to suit any lifestyle. Choose family friendly, traditional (gluten and dairy-free options), paleo, vegetarian, or AIP options. Recipes and personalized grocery lists can be sent straight to your phone, making it easy to check off items as you shop. Click here.

Weekly Meal DeliveryShop Sun Basket

My favorite meal delivery service is Sun Basket (review here). They deliver top quality sustainably sourced, organic and non-GMO fresh whole foods meals, each with it’s own recipe. No planning, no shopping, just cooking. Most meals are ready in about 30 minutes. As a huge plus they offer gluten free, paleo, and vegetarian options. Click here.

Monthly Snack DeliveryShop UrthBox

For a fun variety of organic and non-GMO snacks and beverages delivered right to your home or office monthly, UrthBox is the way to go. Options include classic, gluten free, vegan, and diet. You also earn loyalty points for every purchase which can be redeemed at the UrthBox Shop. Click here.

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