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From one seeker to another, when you find something that really moves you, you can’t help but share it. If you see a link on this page, it’s because I’ve discovered, or used and loved the product, program, or service. Some are affiliate links. All are faves and fabulous

Deep Feelers & Soul Seekers

The Creation Space Meditation Kit


Here’s the vibe: Lavish healing. Gracefully forming and effortlessly growing. Luminous. The Creation Space is a meditation and a vivid visualization that helps you tap into that Divine Feminine principle that is eternally generating nourishment and always creating.


The Love + Radiance Meditation Kit


Here’s the vibe: Profound gentleness. Unwavering attention and love. Love + Radiance is about healing the deep layers of your unconscious and subconscious mind, calming the turbulent waters of emotions and taking care of yourself in the chaos.


White Hot Truth: Bundle


Has your self-help become self-criticism? A true gem for soul seekers, White Hot Truth is an intimate and relatable exploration of self-help adventures gone wrong + breakthrough revelations and clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path. 


Deep Mix. Stay Open, Stay Brave


Deep mix – Stay Open Stay Brave from the Sonic Collection is your soundtrack for wide-open-hearted living and reminding you of the strength in your softness. Eight hand-picked tracks for courage, guidance, honoring what’s possible, and refusing to go numb.


Planner Lovers & Goal Getters

Desire Map Planner


Don’t miss out on The Last Call Desire Map Planner Collection. After 9 expansive years, 2021 is the last print run. Get yours right now for the lowest prices ever. Plus, you’ll get access to 8-micro practices to take you deeper than to-dos. Shop one last time before they’re gone for good.

The Desire Map Book


You’re a seeker who wants to get things done. You’re here to design a life that’s an expression of your soul. You’re ready to open wide to what you want. The Desire Map is a holistic approach to life planning that uses your core desired feelings as the guidance system for creating goals with soul. 


The Desire Map Workbook


Created for The Desire Map readers as a ‘lite’ tool for fresh desire mapping. A few times a year, or whenever you’re inspired to check in and create a new set of intentions for the near future, pick up your Desire Map Workbook and refresh in a pen-and-paper’y way. 


Soul Limber Yoga Practice


Led by Yoga Teacher and Desire Map Facilitator Dani March, Soul Limber Yoga is a 60 minute feel-good-flow that incorporates meditation and yin and yang yoga while weaving in the thoughtful inquiry of Desire Mapping.

Suitable for students of all levels.


Lightworkers & Soulful Entrepreneurs

The Desire Map Facilitator Program


Workshops, coaching sessions, or retreats-you get to craft your own gorgeous events, and delight your attendees. You make money doing meaningful work and helping others connect to their true power. This is heart-centered entreprenuership and a business investment with soul. 

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*Installments available

IIN Health Coach Program


Passionate about health and wellness? Learn from leading wellness experts at Integrative Nutrition and make a living doing rewarding work and helping others create healthier and happier lives. This is entreprenuership that aligns with your heart and soul.

Study online at your own pace. 

Learn more about the program in our free comprehensive info kit


The Tapping Solution for Financial Success & Personal Fufillment


Go through the unique, life-changing process of “tapping” to pinpoint and eliminate unconscious beliefs and patterns holding you back from improving your finances, your ability to earn more income, and doing more of what you want.

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*Installments available


New Healers Master Coaching Program


Health Coaches and Wellness Practitioners seeking new clients, or who want to enhance and expand their range of skills – learn to position yourself as an expert in your field and make money with a thriving practice helping others create healthier and happier lives. 

January 27th 2022

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*Installments available