Recipes & DIY

Recipes & DIY

If there’s one thing that anyone who knows me knows, it’s that I love to eat…and when I say eat, I mean really eat. For a good portion of my life I grew up surrounded by a large family that loved to cook and eat delicious food. Calories? Bad Fats? Processed sugar? Carbs? Who cares! It was all about that flavor and man was it good.

For a nice chunk of my life I was one of those people that could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and never gain a pound. Luckily I never struggled with my weight. Then right before I hit thirty that all changed….

That’s the moment I realized that some people can eat whatever their whole life and not gain a pound. That’s also the moment I realized that I was not one of those people. Suddenly I was going to have to think about what I ate.

Don’t let thin fool you, by the way. Some people are thin but entirely malnourished. On the flip side someone carrying more weight may be extremely healthy. Weight is definitely not the only factor that determines our health. But looking good is definitely a huge plus to feeling good –  we all want to look good right?!

Whole Foods Change You From the Inside Out

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Thank goodness by my mid thirties I had learned the value of incorporating nutritional foods in my diet and was enjoying what my new eating habits were doing for my body and overall health so much that my love for adding new whole foods continues to grow in my forties.

To get familiar with what exactly whole foods are and how to go about starting a whole foods diet, see my series here. By diet, I mean lifestyle – the way we eat on a regular basis.

At this point in life I am more invested in living a long, healthy, vibrant life and feeling good, than I am in being thin. After all looking good on the outside has absolutely zero meaning if you don’t feel good on the inside, right?

Nourish Yourself One Bite at a Time

I really enjoy cooking, it’s sort of soothing for me…except when I burn something! I put a lot of love into my food and it makes me happy when people enjoy it. It’s a creative release. Over the years I have had people ask me how I make certain things so it brings me great pleasure to share some of them here.

These are indeed healthy recipes and if some of you are cringing and want to run high into the hills…I know that look, I’ve seen it on my family’s faces a million times…you brought what?! And I know you’ve heard it before…healthy food can taste good…but trust me, I will show you that it really can.

These recipes are super satisfying and create a shift in your overall health and well being, including more energy, more focus, improved digestion, better sleep and a healthy waistline.

So join me as I help you ditch the processed ingredients and fast food and create a new love affair with whole food recipes that nourish you from the inside out!

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Healthy Tonics

Ditch the Nasties With Homemade Products


I ditched the nasty chemicals I used to slather on my body and use in my home years ago and switched to safe, clean and eco-friendly products. These days I oftentimes make a lot of our products. Not only do we benefit from them being toxin-free, I really enjoy it too! There’s nothing better than knowing exactly what’s in your products with such minimal ingredients. My DIY recipes are simple, cost effective and safe for the entire family. They make great gifts too!

DIY for the Body

DIY for the Home

Happy Creating!

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