Self Care: Journey to Discovering Healthy Bliss

Self Care - Journey to Discovering Healthy Bliss

Hello Beautiful! Is living a wildly soul-full life something you desire? I see you, and would love to be part of your self care journey! From nourishing wellness tips to heart-centered self care practices, my hope is that Essentials Of Self Care encourages you to dive deeper as you create your version of a life you love.

Part of creating that life includes practicing self love, which is something most of us struggle with. And although the journey to loving ourselves and having more self-compassion isn’t free of challenges and setbacks, it’s where we experience our deepest shifts and transformations.

The sweet stuff lies in digging deep to uncover limiting beliefs and learning how to shift them into more empowering beliefs. When we love ALL of ourselves, beauty and wisdom, fear and neediness, quirks and messiness…all our perfect imperfections, we free up space and energy to grow self-compassion. Just imagine if each of us made the radical move from contraction to expansion. We’re better together, especially when love, kindness, and compassion are guiding the actions we take for ourselves and one another.

Meaningful Self Care = A Soul-Full Life

What if you adventured on a journey to loving yourself more?

In my experience, some of the smallest lifestyle changes can reward you with the greatest shifts in overall wellness. And the greatest transformations take place when you focus on wellness from the inside out. So, whether you’re just getting started on your self care journey or you’re ready to get back into the groove, here are a few actionable steps you can take to create wellness from within…

P.S. Don’t forget to visit the resources page for events + other free goodness, as well as my faves, for tools to help high-vibe your life and experience that transformational shift you’re seeking!

Nourishing Self Care

Taking Care of The Whole You

Nourishing Your Body

No doubt, what we put in our bodies has a huge impact on how we feel physically and mentally. If you find that you’re often strapped for time and spread so thin that you forget to eat, or grab the nearest quick-and-easy-probably-not-so-healthy thing to eat, you’re certainly not alone.

It’s amazing what at least one nourishing meal a day can do for you, like a smoothie for breakfast or a salad loaded with fresh veggies for lunch. Your body will thank you and begin to crave more. You start to feel better and naturally begin crowding out processed food replacing it with more clean nutrient dense foods that fuel your body and help it thrive.

If your schedule is so overwhelmingly busy that just the thought of planning healthy meals makes you cringe, custom meal plans and meal kit delivery could be your besties. They make getting real food on the table for you and your family stress-free, enjoyable, and sustainable. Find out which ones I recommend here.

Shake things up…literally : ) Go for a walk or bike ride, do some yoga, or get into the groove with your favorite tunes. Aim for some type of physical movement at least once a day. Aim for cardio and resistance training at least three times a week. Switch it up and keep it interesting to stay motivated.

Crunched for time? You don’t need an hour or even a half an hour to work out. Find out how you can get awesome results in just 10 minutes a day.

And don’t forget to get some good sleep – the body and organs need time to regenerate. In order to remain mentally focused, charged, and maintain healthy moods we need adequate and consistent sleep. The amount varies per individual but most people benefit from 7-10 hours per night, and a consistent nightly schedule.

Struggling with a lack of sleep? Try these tips to help improve your overall sleeping habits.

Nourishing Your Mind and Spirit

Make time to meditate and reflect with gratitude each day. Try breathing exercises, yoga, writing in a journal, reading…let it take any form that resonates with you. Take time for adventures, play often, soak up nature and do more of the things that set your soul on fire. It may change depending on your needs but that’s just it…take this time to connect with yourself…you are worth it.

Don’t have 30 or even 15 minutes to take time for yourself? No worries, if 5 minutes is all you have, let yourself really enjoy the moment with anything that reconnects you to your inner being. The quality is what matters most.

Discovering Healthy Bliss-Your Journey

Loving Your Unique Self Care Journey

I’m so excited to connect with you as you dive deeper into your heart-centered self care practice and fall in love with your version of healthy bliss, one expansive moment at a time.

Ready to live a wildly soul-full life you love?


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4 thoughts on “Self Care: Journey to Discovering Healthy Bliss”

  1. I just can’t say enough about your website – the wealth of information is phenomenal! I just have to say thank you and how much I appreciate your honest take on everything.

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness Sharon! I’m so happy you enjoy what I share here on the site and hope you will continue to find new topics useful for discovering your healthy bliss through self care! XOXO

  2. Your site is great, and very inspirational, have had several health problems in the last couple of years, so you recommendations are look very interesting ,living a healthier life is my goal, want to be around for a few more years, I am trying to get my husband to follow along, thank you for your tips, and for the review, about the meal planing, am going to talk to my husband tonight. Thank You Vicki

    1. Hi Vicki, thanks for stopping by! Sounds like you have a great goal for you and your husband, so congratulations on taking steps toward it! There is a lot of information here on this site to help, so take a look around and try some of the tips and suggestions that resonate with you! Love to hear some of the things that you are finding helpful along the way too…you never know who you may inspire on your journey =)

      All love, all YOU!

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