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Do you have an hour to spend at the gym everyday? If not chances are you’re just as busy as most of us. Check out my Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer review to find out if this is the fitness routine for you.

Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer ReviewProduct: Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer

Format: 2-Disc DVD Set

Best Price: Amazon

My Rating:  out  of 10 

You’re probably thinking: How can you possibly see any solid results from only 10 minutes of working out? And I totally get it, those were my exact thoughts when I came across this workout. I was so in the mindset of having to spend an hour on a workout to achieve results.

But with most of our busy schedules it can be hard to stick with a fitness routine when Amazon Buttonyou can’t find the time to fit it into your day. This is a huge reason many people quit before they even start. The time commitment is too overwhelming. They just can’t fit it in.

And Then – How About That Gym?

Physical activity for me has to be something that I find engaging and interesting because the moment I find it boring I’ll just stop doing it. Growing up I played sports and have always loved to dance, practice yoga, and stay active outdoors with activities such as hiking, swimming, and biking.

Trust me I also spent my fair share of time in gyms – for several years I spent six days every week there religiously. But at some point I got bored, my affinity for the gym dissipated, and I stopped going.

Years later I took a shot at another gym membership which turned out to be very short lived. One day I decided I’d had enough of the meat-market-active-wear-fashion-show-good-luck-getting-a-machine-if-you’re-not-ripped-because-you-just-don’t-fit-in scene.

Working out on machines in a gym just doesn’t get me all that excited, and without excitement I have no motivation to stick with it.

That’s the day I quite the gym for good and decided to stick with my love of the outdoors. With my new found sense of wanting to hork at the thought of stepping foot in a gym I started looking for fitness routines I would enjoy and could incorporate at home.

Don’t get me wrong, gyms are great for some people, they help you stay fit, I’m not discrediting them, they’re just not my thing.

The Benefits of Creating an Exercise Routine at Home

If you think about it, there are three main reasons for not exercising regularly. 1. Not enough time. 2. Need equipment (such as mats, weights, cardio machines, etc) and instruction. 3. FOWO.

Obviously there are more, but for the sake of keeping it simple I think most of us can relate to these three. The first one applies to exercise in general. The second would be reasons that a gym may appeal – for the machines and equipment, and maybe even a personal trainer. And the third is explained in this video:

For me, nothing beats the convenience of working out in the comfort and privacy of my own home. I can throw my hair up, throw on raggedy clothes that are just going to get sweaty anyway (I don’t need to look pretty while I sweat), walk into my living room, pop in my Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer workout and go! No packing a gym bag and driving to the get there.

I also kinda have a thing for my own shower afterwards.

Plus, let’s face it, with so many people touching/using those machines, weights, exercise balls, etc, there’s a lot of funky sweat floating around gyms and those mats are a breeding ground for germs. We’ve all seen people walk away without wiping things down after using them. Happens all the time.

Bonus: exercising at home decreases your risk of catching the latest virus or bacterial infection.

Let’s Get in to 10 Minute Trainer

The 10 Minute Trainer 2-disc set includes 5 workouts. Each workout begins with a short warm-up, followed by 10 moves each 1 minute long, and ends with a short cool-down. Only have 10 minutes to spare? Do 1 workout. Have 20 minutes to spare? Stack 2 different workouts. Able to carve out a few 10 minute blocks? Split them up into a few separate 10 minute sessions per day. Maximize your results by stacking 3 different workouts for a 30 minute total workout.

Total Body: Sculpt arms, shoulders, legs, and core

Lower Body: Slim and shape hips and thighs, and lift your butt

Abs: Tighten and tone your abs

Cardio: Burn fat with a fast sequence of cardio moves

Yoga Flex: Lengthen and tone muscles and core


Tony Horton 10 Minute Trainer Review-Resistance BandsYou won’t need a bunch of fancy equipment. All you need are quality resistance bands. And you can add more resistance for some of the cardio moves with a cardio belt. I use the resistance bands and do the cardio without the belt. It’s really your call.

Tony stands by as the trainer, timing and prompting the exercises as someone demonstrates each move. The “Trainer Track” option is great when you’re just starting out so you can hear personal training tips from Tony as you go. I found it helpful while learning the exercises, to learn the proper body mechanics and form.

Not much space is necessary to perform the exercises either, most living room spaces should work just fine (including apartments).

The exercises aren’t difficult to learn or do, but they move rather quickly which can make it tricky to keep up with the switching of positions and placements of the resistance band until you get the hang of it.

If at first you find you can’t do the full minute of each exercise (especially if it’s been a while since you’ve exercised) or can’t keep up with the quick pace, simply go at your own pace until you build up more stamina. And you will after doing this regularly :)

Again, you really wouldn’t think you could work up such a sweat in 10 minutes, but you do and you feel great, which inspires you to shoot for 20 then 30. In 30 minutes of these workouts you burn as many calories as you do with 30 minutes of jogging.


All five workouts are split between two discs instead of five. Cardio and Yoga Flex are on one and Total Body, Lower Body, and Abs on another. In my opinion it would be easier to access them all from one disc rather than changing out discs in the middle of the routine if you’re stacking workouts.

The other annoyance is having to skip past the Beachbody Ad to get to the actual workout, but this is easily avoided by going straight to the menu instead to make your selection.

Like many fitness DVDs the music selection is fairly cheesy. But since I have learned the routine and do it in regular mode instead of “Trainer Mode” I have switched to playing my own music in the background instead. All in all not too many cons considering the pros.

Effective Fitness Routine That Doesn’t Require a Ton of Time

When I first started doing these workouts, I noticed results within the first two weeks. My clothes fit looser and I had more energy. Within just three months I lost a few inches, gained more strength, stamina, and energy. My arms and thighs were slimmer and more toned, my butt more lifted, and my core more defined. These workouts definitely keep you in shape and overall feeling happier and healthier!

As I said I love the outdoors, dancing, yoga, and the like – those things I could do all day long but when it comes to a workout routine I’m all about getting the most results for the minimum amount of time, and that’s why 10 Minute Trainer fits the bill for me.

10 Minute TrainerGet your copy of 10 Minute Trainer here. Keep in mind these are the DVD’s only. I ordered my resistance bands separately and downloaded a workout calendar to keep on my fridge.

If you would like the package with everything included (same five workouts plus a bonus abs workout, Tony’s On-The-Go Workout Cards, Pro-Grade Resistance Band Kit, Cardio Belt, Customized Workout Calendar, Rapid Results Guidebook, Tony’s 10-Minute Recipe Guide, and 2-Day Jump Start Plan) click here.

I hope you find this review helpful. Have you tried 10 Minute Trainer? Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I will do my best to answer them!


  1. This is awesome! I watched the video too. He is very good. Just by watching that and his 5 points I feel better. He knows what he is talking about. I’m not a gym rat myself and sure not much time for it so this seems like a good option.

    I like this blog and the website too. Very clean and easy to read it. Definitely good stuff.


  2. Hi The Tony Horton 10 minute trainer seems like a good program. The fact that you can do it at home is a plus for me because I don’t like the whole gym thing. As you say, it doesn’t take a ton of time to get toned. Good tip about being able to use your own music.

    1. Thanks for the comment AnnieLouisa! Glad you liked the tip about using our own music, it’s important to have some good tunes to jam to while working out :)

  3. Thank you for this very thorough review. I am very impressed with your results. Just curious, did you always stick to just 10 minutes or did you do some “stacking” of workouts?

    I am really into health and fitness and try to workout as much as possible. However, like you, I find myself getting bored. I always am interested in learning new workouts that work and won’t require me purchasing a gym membership or expensive equipment for use at home. I also like that you can see results in a short amount of time, because everyone is pressed for time these days.

    1. Hi Tanya, my pleasure! Great question – For the first two weeks I started with 10 minutes a day to ease my body back into cardio since I had taken a break for a bit. The next two weeks I started stacking for 20 minutes and then 30 after that. Now it really depends on how much time I have that day and that’s the beauty of these workouts – total flexibility. The workout calendar takes the guesswork out of which DVDs to stack and helps you stay on track. I know what you mean about the gym and equipment that’s why I love this. Plus everyone can squeeze in 10 minutes a day, it’s totally doable and then if you can do more – great!

  4. I love this post. I tried the 10 minute trainer a couple of years ago and I agree with everything you’ve said here. It’s simple but effective. I think I might dig those DVDs out again tomorrow ;-)

    1. Thanks so much Josh! It’s awesome to hear from someone who’s used 10 Minute Trainer and benefited from it. I hope you will dig it back out and have a nice little sweaty reunion lol! Sometimes all it takes is a bit of inspiration to spark some motivation :) Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  5. Hi Jess, I actually workout at home and I agree with you membership gyms are just not form me too.Never really though about all the seasonal germs you can get at the gym :(. This review got me curious, I do Jillian Michaels and Shaun T DVD’s exercises and I like them, are these as hard or harder?

    1. Hi Ana, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news about the germs :( Fortunately I have done Jillian’s workouts and am familiar with Shaun T’s Insanity DVDs and they’re both fantastic – you go girl! These are not easy workouts. The best way to I can think to answer your question is: You probably know Tony Horton does P90X and it’s hardcore. The 10 Minute Trainer moves are dialed down versions of these moves, still plyometrics, still make you sweat, still get/keep you in shape, but a little less hardcore. You can choose to amp things up by increasing the resistance band levels and stacking the workouts in the way you like. Hope this helps :)

    1. Hi Sarah! Great question. They are geared towards any skill level really. The exercises are easy enough for beginners (as I said, there is a bit of a learning curve, like anything new) and you can decrease or increase intensity and resistance with different exercise bands, taking it to the level that suits you. Beginners will do well starting with 10 minutes and working up to 20 then 30 minutes if possible. Hope this helps :)

  6. hi Jess
    I watched the video and I have to say I like the guy and his style! That’s important as if one cannot stand the trainer then doing the workout will be a pain in the butt….
    I go to the gym but I also do all sorts of other types of exercise. I bike outside, I am training for the Mudderella, I do kick boxing, etc… I think it is important to vary what you do and to actually enjoy it. I could see myself stacking 2 or 3 of those workouts and breaking a sweat :)

    1. Yeah, I like Tony’s quirky sense of humor and the guy obviously knows how to stay healthy and fit. He looks amazing at 56! I love that you do all these cool activities, you go girl! Is Mudderella like a Tough Mudder? I need to try one sometime, I’ve had friends that have tons of fun doing them. Good luck with your training :)


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