Homemade Warming & Detoxifying Mustard Bath

If you’ve ever wanted to try a warming and detoxifying mustard bath, now you can with this easy recipe you can make at home.

Homemade Warming and Detoxifying Mustard Bath

A few simple ingredients and you’ll be on your way to soaking in a nice hot bath, with one of my all time favorite soothing and relaxing remedies. Not only do baths do wonders for sore muscles, aches and pains, softening the skin, and preparing you for a restful night of sleep, but certain ingredients can make them very detoxifying at the same time.

Which brings me to the main detoxifying ingredient in this recipe…mustard.

When I was first introduced to the detoxifying benefits of warming mustard baths several years ago, I remember thinking…mustard…really? I’ve always loved to eat mustard but do I wanna soak in a tub of it? Well, one soak was all it took to know that this is not the mustard you top a hot dog with.

So let’s talk some more mustard, for the purpose of baths and not hot dogs, of course.

The Medicinal Mustard Seed

Mustard seeds have been used medicinally in many parts of the world for a very long time, for stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating benefits. Ayurveda uses them for detoxification and purification. When applied to the skin using mustard packs, plasters, or baths it has a nice warming effect that stimulates the sweat glands and opens the pores, helping to cleanse the tissues and remove toxins.

Circulation is improved, congestion is relieved, and pain is eased.

Detoxifying Mustard Bath

In England, mustard baths have been a long time go-to remedy and used in holistic clinics all over for treatment of colds and flu, fatigued and achy muscles, fever, congestion, and stress.

Grandmothers swear by it. Athletes swear by it.

This is a warming bath, so you should sweat, which is great…say goodbye to nasty toxins! However, this is not the bath you want to take before going to an event, or hosting a party. You’ll want to take a mustard bath when you can sweat it out at home or somewhere else you don’t mind being all sweaty (hey, no judgement here – just wanted to give you a fair heads up).

And actually the most ideal, especially when you have a cold or flu, or maybe just want to wake up with fabulous glowing skin – is to take a nice hot mustard bath right before bed. Don’t put any moisturizer or anything else on your skin, just leave those pores nice and open and detoxify some more while you sleep.

To really amp up detoxification, try dry skin brushing before a hot mustard bath. This also compliments an internal detox or cleanse nicely.

So are you ready to sweat out some toxins, clear out congestion, soothe those achy muscles, relieve tension, and sleep well? Try this super simple mustard bath recipe!

Warming & Detoxifying Mustard Bath

Homemade Warming and Detoxifying Mustard Bath-Recipe


  • 1/2 cup mustard seed powder
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 3/4 cup magnesium chloride flakes OR epsom salts
  • 20-30 drops essential oil like cypress, eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, rosemary, or thyme OR I love Olbas oil, which contains peppermint, eucalyptus, cajeput, wintergreen, juniper, and clove


  1. In a bowl, whisk together dry ingredients. Add in essential oils, breaking up any clumps that form. Pour mixture into an airtight container and store out of direct light or sunlight
  2. Add 1/4 cup to a hot bath and soak for 20 minutes. To get the most detoxifying benefits, take a quick rinse in a cold shower, if you can tolerate it. Dry with a rough towel, rest and keep warm. A hot cup of chamomile tea afterwards will prepare you for a nice restful sleep
  3. Alternatively, dissolve 1 heaping Tbsp in a basin of hot water and soak your feet for 20 minutes. Finish with a short cold soak. Bundle your feet up to stay nice and warm afterwards, and rest

Note: Although generally safe for use, certain essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women, children, or people with certain health conditions. Please consult your health practitioner if this is the case.

If you like the idea of mustard baths but prefer something already made Dr. Singha’s is my fave.

Have you tried mustard baths before? I’d love to hear if you give this recipe a try!

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