Mango Coconut Kale-licious Smoothie

This mango coconut kale-licious smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse of pure plant-based goodness, packed with greens, tropical fruit, healthy fats, fiber, protein, and electrolytes for an awesome way to supercharge your day!

Mango Coconut Kale-licious Smoothie

serves 1

Mango Coconut Kale-licious Smoothie



  1. In large NutriBullet cup first add kale, then mango
  2. Add coconut oil and hemp seeds or smoothie powder
  3. Add coconut water to fill line
  4. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Notes: The frozen mango should make it cold enough, but if you like it colder just add a few ice cubes. To make a large batch in a Vitamix or blender just scale up all ingredients per person.

Also, if you are making bigger batch in the blender – for a smoother consistency, it helps to blend the kale with the coconut water first, and then add the remaining ingredients.

Happy blending :) If you enjoy this recipe please share or leave a comment below!

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