7 Ways to Brighten Your Holiday Season With Soulful Self Care

Soulful Self Care

While the holiday season inspires the spirit of joy and giving, if you have a tendency, as many people do, to over-extend themselves, you might find it challenging to squeeze yourself in there too. So…soulful self care…because, well…not only do you deserve it, but you need it.

Reflecting on how things shifted in your life this year…the journeys, the set backs, the adventures, the heartbreaks, the things you let go of to create space and the things you said Yes puu-lease to, to connect to your core desires and create space for more heart-centered living…can you feel when honoring your soul added grace to the movement and made the struggles a little lighter..transformations more meaningful?

Taking care of ourselves with intention, really honoring our soul-fullness, inspires a courage and strength to approach things with both fierceness and tenderness at the same time, opening our hearts for sacred movement, resolution, love and healing. Light-seekers of the universe may your beacons shine bright with love for all those in need. ♥ 

So as you immerse yourself in the season of celebration and giving, you might naturally think of everyone else and pencil yourself in at the very bottom of the list, lightly…like so it’s barely there lightly. Don’t. Be extra kind – you need all the good juju you can get. Throw some glitter on it and relish in the little big moments filled with things that feel the most nourishing and refreshing for your heart and soul.

Radiant + heart-centered. Yes. Please. Shine on beautiful. 

Ready. Set. Nourish.

The Desire Map Planner

The Desire Map Planner

Planner people this is totally for you – THE essential planner + program to help you get clarity on how you want to feel. Start to get in touch with your core desired feelings and flow into 2020 designing a life with intention.

Choose your cover, including beautiful limited edition original cover art, and either a daily, weekly, or undated edition. Includes things like #truthbombs, daily gratitude, soul prompts for positive declarations, and allows you space to pause, reflect, envision, and reconnect.

Included is The Desire Map Planner Program, which teaches you how to use your planner, plus provides additional support and motivation with encouraging weekly emails and monthly workbooks.

Get it HERE

The Desire Map

Desire Map Book

For deep feelers and soul seekers The Desire Map book + workbook takes you on a journey of self inquiry that helps you connect with your core desired feelings as a guidance system to design a life that’s an authentic expression of your soul.

Get it HERE

Soul Limber Yoga

Soul Limber Yoga

Unwind and refresh with this 60-minute practice that incorporates yin and yang yoga and meditation. The flow; Sensations of Positivity, Warming the Soul, Twists and Relating, and Circling Your Desires is suitable for all levels and is a graceful compliment to Desire Mapping.

Get it HERE

White Hot Truth

White Hot Truth Bundle

Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path – from One Seeker to Another

A refreshing read for all light seekers trying to find a balance between genuine spiritual aspiration and the compulsion to improve. Figure out if your self-help has become self-criticism. You will find yourself saying yaasss gurl!!! as you read through Danielle’s raw and relatable experiences in the self-improvement department.

For some of my takeaways from the book read the full review.

Get Bundle HERE or Get Book HERE

The Sonic Collections

Fight For Your Joy
Moving Through the Suffering
Clarifying Your Power

Choose from an audio collection of the right words, just when you need them, right where you are – soundtracks for wide-open-hearted living.

Get it HERE

The Creation Space Meditation Kit

Creation Space Meditation Kit

If you find yourself feeling frazzled or stretched too thin, try calming and revitalizing your central nervous system, and creating a peaceful energetic sanctuary, with meditation. Tap into divine feminine principle to stabilize yourself and generate nourishment for a joyful and healthy holiday season.

Get it HERE

Truthbomb Deck Bundle

TB Deck Bundle V1-V2

Leave yourself fierce little love notes with #truthbombs, printed with natural soy ink on heavy, creamy stock, with gold/pink foil icon embossing. Use these cards as part of your morning ritual, keep them in your office, on your bedside table, tape them to your bathroom mirror, or anywhere your heart desires. Each box is loaded with 134 cards of #truthbomb wisdom for tons of introspective moments and getting your soul-full vibe on.

Get it HERE

Wishing you the happiest of holidays. XO

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