44 Gift Ideas for Health Conscious People That are Healthy on Your Pocketbook too

Looking for the perfect gift ideas for health conscious people in your life this holiday season? I’ve got you covered with favorites that focus on healthy eating and nutrition, self care, fitness, stress relief, and overall health and wellness that are sure to be a huge hit with your health conscious friends and family.

44 Gift Ideas for Health Conscious People

Speaking of healthy, almost all of these gifts are under $50 and many are well under $25, which means your pocketbook can stay healthy as well! I’ve tried to categorize them by interest; for her, for him, for yogis and people who like to Zen out, for fitness lovers, and for healthy eaters.

Healthy Gifts for Her

 Essential Oil Blends Set


You can’t go wrong with aromatherapy. Therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils are perfect for holistically conscious women. Add a few drops to a diffuser, a carrier oil for massage, a hot bath, or use in DIY projects. The set includes 6 blends: Breathe Again, Dreamy Sleep, Health Guard, Mellow Mind, Romantic Paradise and Tropical Island for the ultimate aromatherapy experience.

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Real Bamboo Ultrasonic Diffuser with Remote Control


The minimalist design of this natural bamboo diffuser goes great with any decor and fills the room with the pleasant aromatic fragrance of healing essential oils. The whisper quiet ionizer, 7 color changing LED lighting modes, and remote control with 13 foot range allow ease of use – simply fill with water and add a few drops of your favorite oil to create a relaxing stress free environment.

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 Indian Coconut Nectar Spray Perfume


When it comes to non-toxic perfume with scents to die for, Pacifica’s got it going on. Naturally conscious lovelies will totally appreciate that this is made with essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances and is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. There are a variety of yummy fragrances and products to choose from – Indian Coconut Nectar is a long time favorite.

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The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year


The Life Organizer is a great gift for women focused on living an authentic life. The various exercises and journaling focus on helping women to access creativity and practice mindfulness when it comes to their inner self and needs without feeling selfish and while still balancing a career, family and social life at the same time.

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Get Started Brightening Kit


Facial care kits take the guess work out of trying new products for women who love natural skin care products and make a great gift for women who travel. Andalou Naturals is an environmentally friendly company that uses high quality ingredients – you can read why I rate them one of the 5 best natural skin care brands in this review. Formulated for normal to combination skin to renew at a cellular level, this kit includes everything needed for beautiful skin.

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Arabica Coffee Scrub


Coffee in a scrub = pure bliss. Formulated with caffeine from Arabica beans, cacao, dead sea salts, nourishing oils and shea butter this decadent scrub is not only highly moisturizing, regenerating and exfoliating, but scrubbing your skin with invigorating caffeine stimulates blood flow and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, acne, age spots and eczema. Who doesn’t love that?!

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Dry Skin Brush


Every woman wants healthy glowing skin. Dry skin brushing is a fantastic way to detoxify the skin, moving daily impurtities and toxins out of the lymphatic system decreases cellulite, keeps your skin looking radiant and in peak condition. For the benefits and how-to of dry skin brushing check out my post here.

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Healthy Gifts for Him

Beer Soap 6-Pack


Turns out beer and soap are a match made in heaven. These soaps are excellent for your skin and don’t make you smell like beer but instead have spicy, roasty, earthy, or fruity scents depending on the variety. 6 varieties of soap made with real craft beer, rich in nutrients that your skin totally digs, paired with natural ingredients like orange peel, crushed oats, walnuts and ground hops make this the perfect gift for any beer aficianado.

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Coffee Grit Bar Soap Value Bag


This value bag contains 6 artisan crafted, hand cut natural bar soaps with a chunky texture made of coffee grit scrub which exfoliates and washes away in a rich lather. They’re unscented with the occasional light scent of grits or coffee and made with sustainable ingredients for a naturally refreshing experience for the coffee loving men in your life.

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Premium Beard Legacy Kit


This kit gives the gentleman with a beard everything he needs to make sure his beard is classy and well taken care of, complete with a cotton bag to store it in. Included is a bamboo brush made with natural boar bristles for a nice smooth brushing experience, an anti-static wooden comb to help prevent split ends and unscented beard oil made with argan and jojoba oils to nourish the skin and keep your beard and moustache moisturized and spiffy without making it greasy.

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Natural Beard Oil 3-Pack


Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Another great gift for beardsmen who like to smell nice while conditioning their beards. The kit contains a variety of 3 scents made with natural and organic ingredients starting with a base of golden jojoba and Moroccan argan oil, combined with essential oils to keep that skin nourished and that face smelling great.

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Beard Balm


And last but not least since beards are so huge these days, health conscious men will dig this unscented beard balm made with ethically sourced ingredients including organic hempseed oil, beeswax and rosemary extract to condition and encourage facial hair to grow to optimal awesomeness.

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Fitness/Workout Compression Shirt


Guys who are in to fitness will appreciate the breathable moisture-wicking fabric of this compression shirt available in a nice variety of colors, for its ability to keep them dry and comfortable while they’re going hard at physical activity and workouts. The compression also grabs muscles tightly to enhance range of motion for peak performance.

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Healthy Gift Ideas for Yogis & People Who Like to Zen Out

Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap and Bag


Beginners and seasoned yogis alike always appreciate a new yoga mat. With 3 cool colors, a non-slip grip, 1/4 inch cushioning and eco friendly materials, this mat has everything you want. The bonus carrying strap and bag make for easy transport and an all-around great mat for home, studio and outdoor use.

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Made of double-lined, durable 100% cotton canvas with re-enforced stitching and quality zippers this super smart bag is made to last. A dual airflow system means your stuff stays fresh and odor free, and 3 multi-functional pockets inside the bag means you can securely store your yoga gear. With 4 stylish colors/designs to choose from you can’t go wrong with this bag.

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Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel

A lightweight, super absorbent, quick-dry towel is a must have for those slippery hot yoga classes and this microfiber towel fits the bill. A perfect companion to any activity, it’s made to survive countless washings, and is a great gift for active people.

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 Bamboo Non-Skid Grip Socks


These grippy socks have a cool looking non-skid sole design and are perfect for home, the studio, or for traveling. Naturally antiallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal and odor-resistant to keep those germies at bay, they even have a non-slip gel tab on the heel that helps keep them in place. These are some pretty clever yoga socks, and the responsibly sourced, fully recyclable packaging is sure to make healthy toes even happier.

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Happy Wraps Herbal Neck Wrap w/Free Lavender Pillow & Sleep Mask

Happy Wraps are indeed a feel good gift. Made of 100% cotton and filled with a relaxing 12 herb blend and organic flax seed, you can microwave them for 1 minute for relaxing and soothing warm aromatherapy to melt away pain, tension and stiffness, or freeze for 30 minutes for cold therapy. The perfect gift for someone who needs soothing therapy, stress relief and better sleep, and who doesn’t need that?!

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Toe Spreaders and Separators


People who are on their feet all day long, wear high heels or restrictive footwear, practice yoga, runners, and dancers will absolutely love toe spreaders. Using them on a regular basis can change the shape of your feet and relieve pain by stretching and lengthening connective tissues. These toe separators are made of latex-free rubber and include not 1, but 2 pairs in both standard and large sizes and a nice wooden box to store them in, making them a super gift for super happy feet.

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Massage Therapy Balls

Spoiled Hippo Massage Balls

A 3-in-1 gift, SpoiledHippo balls offer a self massage that works out knots and tightness for all muscle groups, even in those hard to reach areas. Fantastic for warming up muscles pre-workout, speeding recovery post-workout, bringing relief to sore and tight muscles any time you need, and keeping muscles loosened. The mesh drawstring bag makes them easy to take with you anywhere and their size makes them easy to store in your desk drawer, car, and yoga or gym bag.

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“Hanging with my Omies” Yoga Racerback Tank


Yogis will wear this tank with pride. This fun and light hearted tank is part of Inner Fire’s OM Collection including more playful sayings like “Shake Your Asasna” and “Be a Warrior Not a Worrier” – each is hand-screen printed with eco-friendly water-based inks and include the Inner Fire Logo printed on the back middle of each comfy tank.

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Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set

Matcha is all the rage right now and this starter kit is a great gift for the beginner matcha tea drinker, including a matcha tea bowl available in 3 beautiful colors and designs, a bamboo tea whisk and scoop – just add matcha powder and enjoy!

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The Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 Minutes a Day to Less Stress, More Peace


The perfect little book for busy people who have a hard time finding time to relax and de-stress…which is pretty much everyone. These bite sized 5-10 minute practices are a great way find freedom from stress and ultimately experience more peace in your life. Small enough to make a great travel companion and easy to store in your desk drawer or car for moments of mindfulness on demand.

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Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration


People who are looking to nurture their creativity, mindfulness, and self-motivation will love this thoughtful gift that inspires reflection. The description reads: Every answer is inside of you. This thoughtful journal pairs insightful quotes with prompts that spark reflection through writing, drawing, list making, and more. Wherever you’re headed, these pages will help you get there – and gain a deeper understanding along the way.

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Amazonite Hand Knotted Mala


A perfect gift for people who meditate – this beauty is handmade by Nepali women who chant mantras with each knot, making it even more energetic. Amazonite is associated with the throat chakra and an extremely soothing stone that calms the brain and nervous system and aligns the physical body.

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Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends Set


Yogis and Zenners will make great use of this 100% therapeutic grade essential oils set in 6 blends targeting tension, stress relief, sleep, and respiratory health all packaged in a handy little box.

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Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

For the person who wants to track their all-day activity a fitbit is their best buddy to help them stay motivated and focused on fitness and sleep goals. Alta syncs automatically and wirelessly to computers and 200 + leading devices, is water resistant, comfortable, and comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and accessory wristbands with the right style for any occasion.

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Running Belt with Touch Screen Window and Headphone Jack

Perfect for hands free running, walking, cycling, and hiking, this belt is made with dual slots that allow you to store your valuables like keys, ID, cards or money separate from your phone without being bulky or getting jostled around. The touch screen allows easy access to phones and there is a headphone jack to answer calls or listen to your favorite tunes. Moisture wicking material allows for quick drying after working up a good sweat.

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Compression Socks


Made to help prevent and reduce foot injuries like Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, pulled muscles and cramps by improving circulation and reducing inflammation, compression socks are THE socks to wear for any activity which requires being on your feet, including running, walking, working out, active sports, training, and even standing for long periods.

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Wireless Musical Beanie


A built in speaker allows you to groove to your tunes without headphones via Bluetooth – this just might be the coolest beanie ever! Fitted with a removable built in wireless headset for easy washing, up to 33 feet wireless range, built in microphone, 5 hours of music playback time, 8 hours of talk time, 60 hours of standby time, and 1 hour charge time, this is a super cool gift for snowboarders, skiers, ice skaters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Exercise Cards


It’s hard to get bored with a fitness deck that includes 52 different exercises. No planning, equipment, or gym necessary – these cards only require the use of the individuals body weight and can be played anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Play solo or have a little healthy competition with friends or family. The website offers dozens of free card games and instructional videos that are made to motivate and make getting fit a whole lot of fun.

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Massage Ball Pack


Made from eco-friendly rubber with a FREE spiky massage ball great for feet and a mesh carrying bag, this a massage gift that keeps on giving. Fitness lovers will use these time and again to work out knots and sore spots for deep myofascial release and pain recovery. Massage balls are on my list of top 7 best self massage tools (see the rest here).

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Fitness Gym/Sports Towel


This lightweight microfiber towel makes sweating it out a breeze with an odor-free material and quick dry ability – things gym goers totally appreciate, and make this a trusty gift idea. Plus the neutral color works for both men and women and it also includes a handy soft hang loop.

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Mixing Balls for Shaker Cups


No more blowing through shaker cups at $10 + a pop! Nutribomb Thunderballs are made of food grade BPA free plastic so they won’t rust and will withstand countless workouts. Just add all 3 to any cup, thermos, bottle, or mason jar with your favorite protein powder, pre/post workout powder, or superfood powder and shake away for a nice smooth, power packed beverage.

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Gifts for Healthy Eaters

Eco-Friendly Food Container 3 Layer Bento

This bento box simplifies healthy eating on the go, for the office, school, on the road, camping, or hiking. Folks trying to be conscious of the foods and portions they eat will benefit from 3 compartments that hold up to 5 cups of food total, allowing them to load up on healthy veggies and snacks throughout the day. Environmentally conscious folks will appreciate the reusable stainless steel contributing to less waste and no harsh chemicals coming into contact with food.

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Glass Water Bottle with Leak-Proof Caps


Health conscious people can always use a new water bottle to support their habit. Glass is the way to go to avoid BPA and any other potentially harmful chemicals being absorbed into the water, plus it provides fresh tasting water since flavored liquids such as teas, juices, or smoothies won’t leave a residual taste like they do with plastic. Don’t let the glass scare you – it’s made to be break-resistant and comes in a protective silicone sleeve. This bottle holds 25 oz, comes in 4 colors, and with 3 interchangeable leak-proof caps to satisfy the most dedicated water drinkers on the go.

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Premium Tea Gift Box Set + Tumbler


Perfect for tea drinkers, this set comes with 17 pre-portioned pouches of antioxidant rich loose-leaf teas, sustainably sourced from small farms that don’t use pesticides. Also included is a double walled 12 oz glass tumbler (so the outside of the glass doesn’t feel hot) with a stainless steel filter/infuser and lid with a carrying strap.

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Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set


Waste free, made of sustainable, sturdy and heat-resistant bamboo, To-Go Ware is perfect for a healthy eaters on-the-go toolkit – easy to store for use at the office, in the car, or in a backpack. On top of saving waste from entering landfills and oceans, the case is a sturdy washable material made of recycled water bottles. A carabiner makes it easy to clip your utensils to a lunch bag and the chopsticks double nicely as coffee/tea stirrers. A great gift for adventure-seekers to take hiking and camping!

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NutriBullet Pro 900 or Nutri Ninja Pro


Nutribullet 900If your budget allows, smoothie lovers will be grateful for this gift, and for those looking to get healthier, this could be a life changer. To give someone access to making beautiful nutrient dense superfood smoothies whenever they want is a gift that lasts a lifetime since it impacts their overall health in such a huge way. Both of these blenders couldn’t make it any easier to throw everything together, blend it up and drink it right away or toss on one of the lids and take it with you on the go. You can read my full Nutribullet review here.

Get the Nutribullet HERE

Get the Nutri Ninja HERE

Matcha Tea Gift Set

This beautiful set comes in 7 colors and is perfect for people who want to enjoy the health benefits of matcha including boosting energy without the jitters of coffee, relieving stress naturally, and increasing antioxidant intake. Absolutely everything needed to start making a cup of delicious matcha tea is included; bamboo whisk and scoop, strainer, matcha cup and organic matcha powder for that perfect Zen moment.

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Lotus Flower Tea Infuser


Herbal tea drinkers will enjoy their health benefits and the cute design of this lotus flower tea infuser made of food grade BPA free silicone and top grade stainless steel. Included is a silicone drip tray to avoid spills which can also be used to hold tea leaves so they can be re-used in the next brew.

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Silicone Yerba Mate Gourd and Stainless Steel Bombilla Metal Straw


Ideal for people who want to enjoy yerba mate at home, work, or on the go. This modern take on the traditional mate gourd is made of BPA and phthalate free bacteria resistant silicone that doesn’t hold flavors or odors and cleans very easily. Included is a drinking straw made of top grade stainless steel.

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Reusable Foldable Wine Bag Set


For the wine enthusiast (the healthy red kind, of course :), WineCubby allows you to enjoy wine hassle free. Take it to the beach, pool, tailgates, picnics, and on hikes and camping trips, minus the glass bottle. It’s BPA free, holds a full 750ml wine bottle, includes a collapsible funnel that makes filling easy, and a carrying case to store the full WineCubby in so there’s no messes when transporting, plus it can double as a case for glass wine bottles as well.

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Chocolate Mexicano Disc Classic Collection


Save the best for last…who doesn’t love chocolate?! You can’t go wrong with these Mexican chocolates in 6 divine flavors. This is chocolate done the right way – with minimal ingredients and no preservatives. It’s certified USDA organic, non-GMO, direct trade certified, kosher, certified gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan.

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Well that wraps it up – 44 healthy gift ideas. I guarantee that any of these awesome gifts will be a huge hit this holiday season!

For more great gifts under $20 check out Healthy Gift Ideas Under $20 That are Cool and Useful!

Whatever the occasion for celebration, may it be special and may your gifts be appreciated and loved!

Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Share in the comments below!

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